124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Terry Time

Washington Football Team wideout Terry McLaurin has a fever, and the only prescription is more golf

Reggie Bush, Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Danny Woodhead, Keenan Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Peyton Manning, Pat McAfee, Aaron Rodgers, AJ Hawk, Tom Brady, and, of course, Tony Romo. These are just a few of the gridiron gladiators who have been bitten by the Golf Bug in recent years. An apex predator carrying one of the most infectious diseases known to man, the Golf Bug has swept through NFL locker rooms like a MRSA infection, and on Monday it claimed its latest victim: Washington Football Team wideout (and bonafide star-in-the-making) Terry McLaurin. Prayers up for Terry, everyone.

We’re kidding, of course. As pointlessly masochistic as golf can feel at times, we can’t think of better escapism for people whose day jobs entail either A. crushing skulls or B. getting their skull crushed. Fresh air, fresher grass and the occasional fleeting glimmer of validation for countless hours of toil all add up to perfect post-football pastime. From the looks of things, McLaurin has taken it like a fish in the pond off 15.

That is one hell of an improvement for just one week of swinging the golf club, and the snow on the ground tells you the former Ohio State deep threat isn’t afraid of putting in the work. In fact, even PXG noticed the hustle, hooking McLaurin up with a little endorsement deal to help him on his way. Must be nice . . .

The only potential roadblock for McLaurin seems to be his idolization of one Patrick Reed, tagging the embattled PGA Tour vet on social media in search of advice. So yeahhhh. Who wants to be the one to tell him?