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Watch Keenan Allen show off PGA Tour-level driving distance in a simulator

December 08, 2017

Keenan Allen has emerged as one of the most prolific wide receivers in the NFL. But while he's clearly adept at running deep routes, he recently showed he's also pretty good at hitting it deep with the driver. Check out the video the Chargers star recently posted of him hitting golf balls. And more importantly, check out how far the simulator says he popped the second one:

His friend filming says "315," but the screen actually says it rolled out to 316(!) yards. To put that in perspective, Rory McIlroy led the PGA Tour in driving distance last season at 317.2 and Dustin Johnson was second at an even 315. So yeah, Allen has some serious power.

Of course, it wasn't the straightest drive, and even Allen's friend mutters, "Mmm, she still went right." Psst: Keenan, it probably has something to do with your obvious over-the-top move to start the downswing. Read this on how to fix that.

Anyway, after seeing the Los Angeles Chargers tweet about Allen's drive, the PGA Tour invited him to play in the Genesis Open pro-am.

Although Allen didn't respond on Twitter, he retweeted the invite. Now he's got some extra motivation to keep working.