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This certification program is designed to give you the tools to address the most prevalent issues of average golfers while improving upon the things they do well. You’ll learn from experts on virtually every aspect of health and human performance as it relates to golf. And after you complete this certification, you’ll be able to market yourself in a whole new way—with the backing of Golf Digest to reinforce the message.


There are 12 modules covering everything from muscle activity to breathing to how to build training programs for your clients. Here is what you’ll learn:


The overarching goal of this certification is to make you better at training average golfers and that entails enhancing what they do best instead of solely trying to advance them more toward a tour-pro (outlier) model. You will learn to focus on how your clients move in the three planes of motion and how that should influence your training strategies.


Often overlooked but hugely important to golf performance—and everyday life—is how a person stands. You will learn how to identify postural issues with a simple assessment and then how to correct them.


The key to harnessing strength, energy storage, coordination, mobility, injury repair and body recovery starts with understanding fascia, the internal connective tissue that gives the body structure. You will learn how fascia works and then techniques and programs you can use to improve your clients’ motor skills.


How your clients breathe literally impacts every aspect of everyday life including golf performance. You’ll learn the science behind proper breathing techniques and how to assess and train your clients to optimize their breathwork.


To train average golfers of various ages, you have to understand their biological capabilities. You’ll learn how the body ages with and without training as well as various strategies to help your client’s fight Father Time.


An in-depth look at how to build training prescriptions for your clients based on various situational constraints such as evaluation results, injury history, workout history, session location and equipment, availability to train, goals—even a client’s personality.


This is an introduction to a series of videos focusing on various internal systems of the human body and how they should integrate for optimum performance.


An in-depth look at the complex and extreme nature of the golf swing from the lens of joint movements. This includes an examination of joint-by-joint function as a person moves in and out of golf posture.


A primer on tissue types, contractions and, through the use of electromyography, the muscles most important in the golf swing. This will help you understand where to focus your training programs to get positive results for your clients.


Learn how to take all the information you’ve learned on breathing, fascia, muscle activity, etc., and use it to identify priorities and strategies when training average golfers.


Before you prescribe a training program for any client, you first have to know his or her physical strengths and weaknesses. This one-of-a-kind assessment offers you a step-by-step approach to identify deficiencies in your golfers’ movements so you can then prioritize training strategies.

FINAL EXAM (100 questions)

You must answer at least 80 questions correctly to receive Golf Digest Certification.

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If you’re wondering how the program is being received so far, here are some testimonials from some of the top golf-fitness trainers who already have become certified:

“Having gone through this course, I can say it is the most comprehensive certification out there. What I appreciate most about this course is that it takes more of a realistic approach to the types of golfers we are more likely to work with.”
—Paul Gozbekian, TPI, USAW, USA Cycling, USATF, SFMA, FMS, SFG, NKT, FRC, PES, CES certified trainer

“I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great base to start training golfers from.”
—Darin Hovis, FMS, K-Vest, PGA Tour and TPI certified trainer

“This cert was comprehensive with so much science and usable information.”
—Pam Owens, ACSM, FMS, TPI, FRCms, FRA, KINSTRETCH, Mach 3 certified trainer

“This certification is a comprehensive program . . . taught by some of the best in the business.”
—Andrew Dulak, doctor of physical therapy, TPI certified

“This certification has quite possibly the largest breadth of information for trainers and instructors to understand how your golf does and can move, leading to the most efficient plan to get them better at golf.”
—Ryan Faust, NASM, TPI, SuperSpeed Golf certified trainer and ambassador for Swing Catalyst

“Whether you are a newer coach/trainer or one who has been in the industry for years, I highly recommend adding this [certification] to your arsenal. The lectures show how to train the average aging golfer through a different lens.”
—Mindi Boysen, NG360, TPI, FRC, TATHATA certified trainer