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This Peyton Manning gambling story from a golf trip is beyond comprehension

You can debate Peyton Manning's place in history among NFL quarterbacks, but it's tough to argue he's not the most cerebral signal caller to ever play the game. Just take the 2015 season when he helped lead the Denver Broncos to a Super Bowl win despite the fact that he had a weaker throwing arm than your typical third-string high school QB. And apparently, Peyton's powerful mind comes in handy off the field as well.

Former Indianapolis Colts teammate/turned comedian/turned pro wrestling and football analyst Pat McAfee once told an unbelievable gambling story about Manning during his stand-up comedy routine. (And, yes, it's also pretty unbelievable that a punter would make for a great stand-up comedian, but he does.). It seems Manning invited McAfee on a golf trip to French Lick, Ind., a few years ago, and he had a mythical premonition at the roulette table one night in the casino where they were staying. Take it away, Pat (Warning: NSFW language):

If you don't want to sit through the entire clip, here's a quick synopsis: Peyton walked by the roulette table and hinted everyone should bet on 18 (his jersey number) before leaving. Everyone bet on 18. Everyone won lots of money when it hit on the next spin. Somehow, Peyton said he knew it hit despite not being there when McAfee told him on the golf course the next day.

In summary, Peyton Manning is magic. And if that doesn’t move him to the top of people I want to take with me on a golf trip, then this amazing story about the Manning brothers’ Scotland golf trip from this summer sure will.