Patrick Mahomes takes out AFC Championship angst on innocent range balls

January 24, 2019

"I want to die." These are the words I typed into The Loop Slack channel on Sunday night as the Patriots rolled down the Arrowhead field in overtime, converting three third and 10s on their way to what was already a foregone conclusion. But if I, and a great many other football fans pounding the little green barf face into group messages across America, were in pain, it was nothing compared to what Patrick Mahomes must have felt watching his MVP-caliber season end in the most predictable way imaginable—with Tom Brady's warlock knuckles coiled around its throat.

Nothing heals a wounded soul quite like crushing a few range balls out of existence, however, and Mahomes drove that fact home on Wednesday night, hitting TopGolf with the homies to punch a few new holes in whatever's left of the ozone. Seriously, is there anything this kid can't do?


Here at Golf Digest, we don't endorse the ol' baseball stance, but Mahomes' traditional swing looks straight off the WLD and some of those trajs are pureeee (as the kids would say). Can he get up-and-down from a green-side bunker? Honestly we have no idea, but perhaps a rubber match with Tommy is in order. Oh and let's make it interesting: The player with lowest average driving distance has to retire.