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Patrick Mahomes is so good that BBQ joints are re-arranging their schedules for him

October 17, 2018
Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers

Joe Sargent

For the first time in forever—don't at me with your Montana-in-'93 takes—the Kansas City Chiefs have a formidable field general under center. And by "formidable" we mean "QB Eagles in Tecmo Super Bowl" good.

Second-year signal caller Patrick Mahomes is pacing the NFL in touchdowns and QBR rating, leading the Chiefs to a 5-1 record. And how, brandishing a cannon that would make Nolan Ryan blush. (Which makes sense: Mahomes' father was a pitcher in the bigs for 11 years.)

Mahomes has injected a shot of energy into an already-crazed football town, one that is hosting the Cincinnati Bengals on NBC Sunday Night Football. Kansas City is in such a state of fervor that Joe's, hands-down the best BBQ joint in the world, is re-arranging its schedule to accommodate Mahomes Fever.

That, my friends, is power. Of course, we'll know Mahomes has truly made it if he gets Chick-fil-a to open its doors on a Sunday.