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Tom Brady is all of us struggling to find the fairway


Tom Brady is the GOAT. He's won five Super Bowls, is married to a Brazilian lingerie model, has his own Aston Martin, and is a member at The Country Club. There's really no point debating it anymore. But as the TB12 proved on Monday, when it comes to finding fairway on the first second third try, he's mortal, just like you, me, and the random third they just paired us with who swears like George Carlin with Tourettes every time he chunks a five iron. TO THE INSTAGRAM STORY!


OK, so maybe Brady's future isn't on the Champions Tour, but hey, at least he's helping us feel better about ourselves for like 12 fleeting seconds. On a more macro note, however, I'm kind of liking this new Tom we're seeing the last couple of months. He's throwing shade at the Patriots during interviews, he's dressing up like David Copperfield's evil twin, and he's singing the praises of sexual experimentation in Instagram comment sections. Just six months ago, he was the male Gwyneth Paltrow. Now he seems like a guy we might actually want to grab an avocado beer with.

So yeah, keep it up Tommy...and in the meantime, maybe check out Golf Digest Schools or something.