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Danny Woodhead to the Bucs? Sorry, he's too busy playing golf

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Patrick Smith

Over course of the past six weeks, we have witnessed one of the most shocking changes in NFL fortune ever. In early March, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were still very much the Buccaneers, terrible Casio alarm clock uniforms and all. Since then, however, they landed the greatest quarterback of all time in Tom Brady, somehow dragged Rob Gronkowski (who could be found sobbing about how football had ruined his life less than a year ago) out of retirement, and went old-school with their new-school unis. Now they're the Patriots South, the talk of the league, and a genuine Super Bowl contender, a premise that would have gotten you laughed out of the Slack channel just a few weeks ago. But while it seems like the whole of the Patriots organization is headed to central Florida, there is one player who won't be making the voyage: Danny Woodhead. And for a damn good reason, we might add . . .

If you haven't been following Woodhead on social media since his retirement in 2018, he has been bitten HARD by the golf bug, regularly posting swing clips and even going as far as to solicit a roast from swing roast master Max Homa himself. We've seen it a million times, and Woodhead has it bad, folks.

Bucs fans might be disappointed by the news—Peyton Barber isn't exactly moving the needle, let alone the chains—but this is one thousand percent the right choice from Woodhead. As a full-time member of the American workforce (for now), you really have to ask: Why unretire when you can stay retired, especially when said retirement features more tee times than your callouses can handle?

So good on you, Danny. Stay strong, keep getting those reps in and we'll see you at Pebble Beach in no time. As far as the Bucs backfield is concerned, perhaps Jonas Gray is available.