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Part of the FCG’s goal is to perform like a blade—inspired by the center of gravity found in traditional blade-style putters. Having a CG position close to the face makes the putter easier to release than a deep CG mallet, especially for those who typically use blades and play with an arcing stroke path. By using an aluminum body and taking away weight with cut-outs in the sole, the CG’s depth gets more blade-like. Tungsten weights on the heel and toe and a high-density copper insert behind the face keep weight forward and offer forgiveness. TaylorMade’s downward facing grooves on the insert reduce backspin to improve the initial roll. The help players seek in a mallet, however, is found in FCG’s alignment: Its T-shape sightline frames the ball and ingrains a visual of the proper path. Read more >>

Price: $350
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    The feel is familiar after just a few putts. The alignment design gave me the confidence to putt aggressively.

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    Gives you the confidence to be very aggressive with your putts. Sits on the ground very square to the hole and has a good swing weight.

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