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To the uninitiated, OG stands for “original gangster,” which easily defines the reputation of the first White Hot inserts when they were introduced two decades ago. The pure feel and sound seemed inimitable, and despite a multitude of iterations over the years, tour players have continued to pester Odyssey for the original. Odyssey’s team listened, and the White Hot OG insert uses the same two-part urethane mix as when it debuted. Firm to the touch, the feel is still soft at impact with a strong rebound for faster ball speed. A lighter, more stable Stroke Lab shaft offers some modern help for improved consistency throughout the stroke. Fitting its label, the lineup of milled cast stainless-steel heads includes original shapes like the Rossie and the OG of OG’s—the 2-Ball. Read more >>

Price: $220 • $270
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    Love the muted, soft sound and the gentle sensation at contact. Even misses feel good. Ball rolls out beautifully.

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    Classic style mallet putter with single-line alignment. Great silent sound and ball roll is pure.

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