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PXG’s commitment to putters is not just another luxury from a luxury brand. It’s a total pursuit of face and weighting technologies with an emphasis on fitting. First, each head features full customization through changeable screw weights in the sole (including the heavier-headed armlock version) and three hosel options. This allows the same head style to work in one of two toe-hang choices and in a face-balanced, double-bend version for those who prefer more of a pendulum stroke. Each option combines a milled construction with heavy tungsten at the extreme perimeter to boast a deep center of gravity to more easily keep the club on its intended path during the stroke. Finally, different size pyramids in decreasing density across the face help ensure consistent speed on mis-hits.

Price: $525
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    I like more traditional clubs, but this felt very easy to hit and was not overly complicated. I felt instantly confident over the ball.

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    “Mean” looking putter down to the black and white color and skull on the soul of the club. Good sound and easy to keep the ball on line after impact.

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