AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Pebble Beach, Spyglass Hill, MPCC (Shore)


Huntington Beach Soft Premier


Our Review:

On the surface, it appears Cleveland has merely added a color scheme to its successful HB Soft line. The new PVD gray-satin finish does reduce glare, but the changes are more than decorative. The Premier challenges a player to think about the grip choice, guiding those with arcing strokes to a skinnier grip and those with straight-back, straight-through actions to a wider Lamkin SINKFIT Pistol grip. The faces have a deep milling pattern with grooves concentrated in the center and spaced apart near the heel and toe. The idea is that changing friction normalizes speed off the face for consistent roll. Each pattern’s density matches a clubhead’s overall stability so that the two work together for reliable ball speed. Read more >>

Price: $160
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Player Comments
  • high

    A James Bond club: classy with a matte-black finish. The angles draw your eyes toward the center. Terrific weight and balance.

  • low

    A very good feel, not too soft not too hard, and a very good balance and swing weight. Not my favorite look at first glance but you get used to it, especially when you make putt after putt.

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