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Spider X/EX


Our Review:

You only mess with the game’s hottest mallet when you discover a material difference. The new vision seen in the EX model includes an aluminum body rather than the steel constructions of the past to allow for more high-density material around the perimeter to increase stability. It also puts more mass directly behind the face for enhanced feel at impact. The new face insert features an aluminum piece fronted by a thermoplastic-urethane layer. Eight beams work with seven face grooves to slightly deflect and rebound at impact, grabbing the ball to encourage a forward roll and to provide a crisp click. A new fluted shaft contributes to the softer feel and maintains the control usually reserved for stiffer shafts. The Spider X, meanwhile, gets an upgraded “hydroblast” finish for a smoother look. Read more >>

Price: $350
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Player Comments
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    Easy to look at, and the lines and dots make it balanced at setup. I’m able to get the ball rolling without much effort.

  • mid

    Ball was quiet of the club and rolled on line. If you need help with alignment, this is the club for you.

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