Farmers Insurance Open

Torrey Pines (South and North)




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These days, a putter’s groove story is a major part of its technological appeal. The Heppler’s story is simple: It doesn’t have one. Through research Ping discovered that a contingent of players prefer a firmer feel and crisp sound that’s hard to achieve through inserts or milling, which is why the Heppler’s face is free of any channels or patterns. In its place is a solid, machined face. The stainless-steel and soft-aluminum (about a third the density of steel) construction allows more mass to be placed in the back of the putter for better perimeter weighting and stability on off-center hits. As a bonus, the copper-and-black finish provides alignment and framing help. Finally, with a simple twist of a wrench, an adjustable-length shaft accommodates any length from 32 to 36 inches. Read more >>

Price: $250
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Player Comments
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    The coloring makes the club look cool; it has great feedback at impact and a nice balance from the shaft to the head.

  • low

    I loved everything about this club. The way it looked, the way it felt, there is nothing else that matched it. Very efficient and simple, just a well-made club.

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