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Spider S/SR


Our Review:

Sometimes the best way to redistribute mass is to take it all away, replacing it completely with air. That’s the technological story here because the middle of these putters is cut away entirely. This optimizes stability for the highest moment of inertia of any Spider putters. The first step in the process is the light-aluminum body, one that uses less mass so that the perimeter is heavier for better balance. Heavier steel weights are positioned at the club’s edges, pushing about a third of the weight to the perimeter. The back bar of the S model and wing weights on the SR model even house separate tungsten weighting to double down on stability. The face insert has grooves angled at 45 degrees for a smooth roll and distance control, and the white alignment section frames the ball and the path before the stroke is started.

Price: $280
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Player Comments
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    The weight and feel of the putter are top-notch. The alignment markings are like a runway. The rollout seems automatic.

  • high

    Squares you up and gets you right. Muted pop off impact but ball comes off nice. Hard to miss straight putts with the stability this brings to to the table.

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