PGA Championship

Southern Hills CC



Inovai 7.0


Our Review:

If mallets have a go-to, it’s “moment of inertia,” that stability on off-center hits that turns full-on misses into near-makes—if not makes. Well, this is Bettinardi’s highest MOI putter ever produced. Grown from the shape made famous by Jim Furyk’s U.S. Open win in 2003, the head is fully milled with soft stainless steel in the face and a military-grade aluminum body. The design optimizes weight distribution with its hollowed-out body, allowing for maximum forgiveness on off-center strikes and a more stable-feeling head during the stroke. A stiffer shaft promotes a more controlled putting motion back and through, regardless of the player’s style of stroke. The two-tone aesthetic, three neck options and two-part sightline are all designed to help you frame the ball and aim true. Read more >>

Price: $400
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Player Comments
  • low

    So smooth off the face, this felt effortless. Reservations about the look? Please. Not the way this putter performs.

  • mid

    Ball really sprung and jumped off the club face even on thin misses. Alignment got me where I needed to go.

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