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Edel putters have made their bones on the premise that by removing weight from the toe, there is less resistance to the way the toe opens or closes during the stroke. In other words, there’s less torque. Less torque, or the proper balancing of that torque, encourages a repeatable stroke. Edel’s mallets, while occupying a larger footprint, remain true to that premise with hollowed out areas in the toe. A hex-shape milling pattern on the face—with larger spaces near the sweet spot and smaller spaces away from center—promotes speed control and less distance loss on off-center strikes. Edel’s interchangeable weighting system (up to 30 grams) allows players to dial in a desired tempo to help with speed control, and 10 interchangeable alignment plates let you custom tune your line.

Price: $450
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    This is a perfect example of where less is definitely more. The sweet spot is so good that it feels like an iron.

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    I like this club; it’s unique and different. I love the circular grip, feels smooth and consistently rolls well off the club face. Sets up great on the ground and I think it’s a fun putter to have in the bag

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