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Tiger Woods was involved in one of the easiest Jeopardy! clues ever

January 13, 2023

Golf fans haven't gotten to see much of Tiger Woods over the past couple years, but the GOAT popped up in an unlikely place on Thursday night. Sort of.

The 15-time major champ was involved in what might be the easiest Jeopardy! clue of all time. Then again, as golf peeps we are obviously a bit biased. Check out the question/answer our Shane Ryan first pointed out on Twitter because he's currently covering the Latin America Amateur in Puerto Rico, where, apparently the trivia show airs earlier (Man, Shane could really clean up by making Jeopardy! bets this week, huh?):

What is THE MASTERS! Duh. And not only did Tiger play, he made the cut. Easily. Legendary stuff.

Of course, Shane's tweet (as usual) is filled with sarcasm. Under the category "Sports Competitions" it doesn't get any easier than that. But did any of the contestants, not always known for their sports expertise—Never forget when Alex Trebek (RIP) hilariously roasted a few for their lack of football knowledge—get it right? Here's the clip:

Bang! Nicely done, Kyle! And glad to see that was only a $200 clue in Round 1.

Unfortunately for our (new) guy, though, it wasn't enough for him to stop Yogesh Raut, from winning for a second straight day. Although, considering Yogesh selected the sports category, we're guessing he would have gotten it as well.

In any event, we love to see Jeopardy! clues involving golf. And we'd love to see Tiger teeing it up at the Masters again in a few months. Hopefully, he can do something deserving of another shout-out on the show.