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A slimmed-down Bryson DeChambeau is an early front-runner for the best trick shot(s) of 2023

January 04, 2023

Bryson DeChambeau's latest physical transformation is as jarring as when he bulked up. Put simply, Bryson 3.0 is a lean, mean, fighting machine. Well, as long as that fight doesn't involve a gallery rope.

No, but seriously, the 2020 U.S. Open champ recently opened up about his weight loss and how he dropped 20 pounds in one month(!) doing a "Whole30" diet. While eating that healthy for a month sounds both awful and impossible, we're happy to hear DeChambeau is feeling better than when he was constantly stuffing himself with protein shakes.

Which brings us to the video he posted on Wednesday. Not only does the LIV Golf star look great, he also shows off some serious skills. Check it out.

Two in a row off that pin! Bryson may be a budding long drive star, but even Greg Maddux would be impressed by that kind of accuracy.

Anyway, it was a tumultuous and disappointing 2022 for DeChambeau, but he's caught the attention of a couple of our writers for some future major championship bets in 2023, and this video certainly won't do anything to change that. And if he ever enters any type of skills competition you can bet on, then he's definitely worth a look.