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This golf-related Jeopardy! question got really dark, REALLY quickly

November 02, 2017

If you're avid Jeopardy! viewers like us, you live for nights like Wednesday, when a strictly Golf category made an appearance in the game show's opening round. Sure, you may pull a few random answers out of your ass throughout the course of the week in the categories that require actual knowledge, but unless you're a nerd, chances are you'd be in red figures if you were a contestant on the show, and red figures aren't good on Jeopardy! Little golf humor for you.

Naturally, the contestants saved the well-beneath-them golf category for last on Wednesday, and Jenny, leading at the time with a cool $7,000, went for the top, $200 clue, and boy did things get really dark, really quickly:

Good lord, Trebek, how about a warning next time? We knew the Canadian host had a dark sense of humor, but not this dark.

To be fair though, if you haven't contemplated just ending it all after a really bad slice, are you even playing golf? Something to think about.