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Watch a Jeopardy! contestant deliver an all-time fail trying to answer a sports question

September 26, 2017

The contestants on Jeopardy! are so smart that it's not really fair to make fun of them. Plus, they're in an unfamiliar position of being on TV and under a lot of pressure answering questions for some serious money. BUT, every once in awhile, they provide a laugh-out-loud, boneheaded moment. And usually, these moments involve sports questions.

That was the case on Monday night when there was a category "NFL TEAMS BY HALL OF FAMER." Alex Trebek would say the name of an NFL Hall of Famer and contestants buzzed in with what team he played for. Except in this clip, no one buzzes in to say what team "Mean Joe" Greene played for (C'mon, it's the Pittsburgh Steelers!), and then Anupama gave this unfortunate answer to the next clue, Marcus Allen:

Colorado Rockies?! Sounds like Anupama isn't much of a football or baseball fan. Of course, it wasn't quite as bad as when some guy named Joe said Magic Johnson had 11 NHL seasons of 100-plus assists a couple years back.

That's still the all-time Jeopardy! sports fail. But there were some funny reactions to Anupama's response on Monday:

Poor Anupama. Of course, she'd be laughing at us trying to answer almost anything from a non-sports-related category.