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The Crying Jordan meme makes it onto Jeopardy!, sadly, isn't going anywhere

September 21, 2017

Just when you thought the Crying Jordan meme was dying down, it got a boost on Wednesday night. Thanks a lot, Jeopardy!

The quiz show had a "Memes" category and Crying Jordan was one of the questions/answers. Obviously. And of course, one of the contestants, Justin, quickly took advantage. Check out the clip:

Since 2015, the photo of a weepy Michael Jordan at his 2009 NBA Hall of Fame Induction has been routinely photoshopped into a wide variety of situations. People took a nice moment for MJ and used it to make fun of him and just about everyone and everything else they could think of. People are mean. Although, yes, some of these memes are amusing.

And of course, the GOAT of the crying NBA GOAT memes, Crying Jordan meets the Villanova piccolo player:


OK, those were pretty fun, although, again, this phenomenon had seemed to finally die down of late. But now that it's been immortalized on Jeopardy!, expect MJ's tears to continue to flow. From everywhere.