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This secret golf simulator room might be the coolest thing we've ever seen

January 05, 2023

Admittedly, I had a bit of a fascination with secret passageways as a kid. I don't know if it first started by watching "The Goonies" or "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," but they seemed awesome.

And you know what? Even as an adult, secret passageways are still awesome. Especially when there's something even better on the other side.

Such is the case for this video we came across that shows one house's secret golf simulator room. A room that can only be accessed by going through a revolving bookcase. Check it out:

Incredible. That's some James Bond stuff right there. It would be worth blowing up any house just to start from scratch and build that.

Apparently, this is the work of Frank Gargano (Instagram handle @shotsavergolf), who bills himself as a golf instructor/custom golf simulator installer. Well, we're adding another job title to that: dream maker. Because if you're a golfer, it doesn't get any better than that.

Total privacy to practice. Plus it keeps the non-golfers in the house happy. Talk about a win-win. Yep, it might be time for a big renovation . . .