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John Daly says he was once offered $1 million to 'tank the British Open'

July 15, 2021

J.D. Cuban

With gambling rising in popularity, there's been spectulation the type of match fixing that has tainted other sports might not be far behind in golf. According to John Daly, at least, it's been a factor in golf for some time.

In a 2016 interview, the two-time major champ says he was offered $1 million to tank the 1995 Open, which happens to be the same year he won the claret jug.

It seems like Daly is implying that someone offered him $1 million to tank the tournament so the gambler could win a matchup bet (or multiple wagers) against Daly.

As Daly says, golf has long has prided itself on a code of integrity, but it also doesn't hurt that the legitimate money has skyrocketed enough in the decades since Daly's win to diminish the influence of potential fixers.