Pros Are Just Like Us! (Sort of)

British Open 2021: This is it, this is the worst putt in golf history

July 15, 2021

You probably arrived at this post thinking our patented "This is it" headline (Copyright Christopher Powers) is a bit hyperbolic. Well, you'd be wrong. Because this actually is it. This is the worst putt in golf history. For real.

Apologies to Will Zalatoris for sharing this yip clip gone viral from Day 1 at the 2021 British Open, but people need to see this. Or, at least, have the right to see it.

Sometimes it's nice to know the best golfers in the world are also capable of doing things us weekend hackers do. Other times, it's best to look away from something so hideous that could give you nightmares. In any matter, we'll let you decide what you want to do with this brick from inside of two feet:

Good. Lord. Seriously, what is going on there with that stroke? He re-routed the club more than Charles Barkley on the downswing!

Just brutal. It would make more sense if Will was trying to miss this intentionally. This guy finished runner-up at the Masters!

Thankfully, he made the comebacker. And the 24-year-old making his Open Championship debut actually shot one under on Thursday at Royal St. George's. Of course, it helps when you also can do things like this that keep that long putter in the bag:

Anyway, that was it, that was the worst putt in golf history. Told you we weren't kidding.