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Hot List Gold 2022

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WHAT IT DOES: TaylorMade has perhaps the most high-powered tour staff in golf, with players such as Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, Rory McIlroy and a host of others, so it stands to reason that the company would produce a forged iron worthy of such talent. The forging process uses a 2,000-ton press to decrease the grain size in the 1025 carbon steel used for the clubhead. Why is that important? It leads to fewer inconsistencies that need to be addressed by hand polishing, thus creating a repeatable clubhead shape for a player type that appreciates such things.

WHY WE LIKE IT: Although muscle-back blades are primarily for golfers with mad skills, the P•7MC (muscle cavity) offers a players-iron look with just the right amount of forgiveness. Based off the company’s P•750 irons, enhancements include moving mass behind the face to support the point of impact. This coupled with a forged carbon-steel face and hosel provide a syrupy feel. For those who care about such things, the compact head, thin topline and progressive offset offer the kind of tour-level look that makes you feel as if you have the game of DJ, Collin or Rory. Read More >>

Price: $175/per iron
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Player Comments

“Mis-hits hung in there with the yardage. Such a high launch, I could hit moon shots with the long irons, which was surprising from such a blade-like look.”


"It does everything really well. I like the compact head—you don't see anything in the back. Feels a little heavier in my hands but that provides a meaty feel that helps keep the swing on path. You're able to go after it and hit it a half club farther."


"The ball just jumps. This thing is "woo!" I don't think I've ever hit anything like this. It sounds good and the ball flight was penetrating."

Club Specs


7-iron: 34 degrees; PW: 47 degrees

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From the Manufacturer

Inspired by Tour, P·7MC meets the standards of the game’s most discerning players. A new backbar geometry positions mass directly behind the face to support the point of impact and elevate feel. Classic shaping and minimal offset deliver the ultimate in control, while perimeter weighting gives it just the right touch of forgiveness. With TaylorMade’s Compact Grain Forging™ process, the company relies on a 2,000-ton forging press to ensure that each P·MC iron is formed with masterful precision and a tighter grain structure designed to provide the most solid, consistent feel possible.

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