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There is no one consistent miss with a driver for all players. Similarly, plenty of golfers fight the lefts and the rights with their fairway woods. That’s why this model uses a trio of sole weights from 2½ to 20 grams to counteract the weak fade or the hard hook. Position the heavy weight in the heel for a draw or in the toe to rein in your snapperdoodle or in the front position to flight the ball lower with less spin. Of course, these heads aren’t just about miti-gating weaknesses in launch, direction or spin. They get the basics right, too, including plenty of firepower in the face and plenty of as-sistance in the sole. The fast-flexing, high-strength steel-alloy face features a variable-thickness pattern for increased ball speeds. On the bottom, a center ridge running from front to back helps lower the center of gravity for easier launch with less spin. It also neatly smooths the club’s ride through the turf across rough, hardpan and sand, as well as fairway downslopes and sidehills. On top, a carbon-fiber central panel reduces weight where it’s not needed. The sur-rounding steel reinforces the crown to make the face flex better while adding stability on heel and toe mis-hits.

Price: $425
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Player Comments

Love the look of the smaller club head at address. Ball launches off the club face but you can also work different shots with it.


Sound is great, flight is a little lower. Good feel on impact though and easy to hit straight.


A pulverizing mid-trajectory. Toe shots? No worries. Mine went straight and far. Instead of a metal clink at impact, there’s a bellowing exaltation.

Club Specs


15, 18, 21

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