Big Bertha B21

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You can work around the edges to make fairway woods easier to hit. Or you can choose the unconventional measures Callaway takes because, well, systemic change might be the only way many average golfers will be able to consistently get their fairway woods airborne. Those changes include a confidence-inspiring shallow face to help players with slow swing speeds launch the ball higher, distinct offset that makes it easier to square the face at impact and slightly shorter shafts (between the length of a typical hybrid and fairway wood). Why a shorter shaft? Sure, you might lose some swing speed because of the smaller arc of your swing, but you will gain distance by contacting the center of the clubface more often. And if you start gaining confidence, you might even gain swing speed. The oversize clubhead provides extra forgiveness through its offset design, and the face features variable thicknesses conceived through the use of artificial intelligence. Two steel bars be- hind the face join the crown and sole to stiffen the crown and help concentrate deflection at impact. A wide selection of loft options, including a 24-degree 9-wood, offers golfers even more help. Read more >>

Price: $300
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Player Comments

I wasn't a fan of the offset, but the overall look at address is comforting. Nice size and round, forgiving shape. I don't have a fast swing, but it sounded compressed when I hit the ball. It has a light weight and felt easy to swing. A solid, surprising club for me.


The offset isn’t too pronounced, so it’s easy to align. Effortless to get the ball in the air and going straight. Even bad shots didn’t stray too far off line.


Easy accuracy. It's a higher spin rate but that got me a very receptive landing angle. If you’re looking to get it up quickly and stay straight, this is your club.

Club Specs


15 , 18 , 21 , 24

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