*These* Guys Are Good


*These* Guys Are Good

October 05, 2009

Tony says

For me, hitting a solid drive is all about extension. When I extend my hands and arms away from my body in the backswing, I usually hit it pretty well.

John says

I try to swing the club flatter going back without getting it too far to the inside. When you're tall, the swing can get too upright.

Mario says

I have just two simple thoughts with my driver: Get my left shoulder behind the ball going back, and release the club through the ball.

Ray says

The first thing I do is check the clubface: I want it to be closed. Then I just turn my left shoulder behind the ball and turn through, making sure my right shoulder clears before I lift my head.

Penny says

The key for me is to stay connected during my takeaway, and then to feel my triceps on my chest as I turn through to a finish.

Ben says

First off, I'm just trying to hit it straight. For me, it's all about staying still with my lower body. I want to keep my legs from moving too much during the swing.

Jerome says

I try to feel like I'm swinging my left arm over my right shoulder on the backswing, and then I just let it go.

Bode says

Lately, I've been playing bad ... and worse! The one key that usually helps me with my driver is to concentrate on taking the club away slowly.

Michael says

If you have 100 percent confidence that you can pull off a shot, most of the time you will.Photos: View Jordan's swing sequence10 Rules From Michael Jordan Video: Behind-the-scenes with MJ

Marcus says

My biggest challenge is innate, the animal inside that makes me want to go after the ball hard, that wants me to be aggressive. I have an aggressive gene inside and just want to go get it, causing me to swing at the top instead of letting gravity rule and accelerating through the shot.Swing Sequence: Marcus AllenMy game With Marcus Allen

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