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Leigh Haeger

The Hardest Shots In Golf

Is there a shot that sends shivers of fear up your spine? The Angry Golfer has a whole list of them

Not What I Used To Be

Most golfers accept the inverse relationship between their expectations and their handicap; some even embrace it

I Don't Like Mondays

My right to play bad golf and eat lots of cold cuts shouldn't be impacted by a Monday finish on the PGA Tour

Quiet In The Front Row

The Presidents Cup has come a long way, but you wouldn't know it if you measured by the buzz eminating from the public

We Can't Hear You

If the FedEx playoffs are going to make it in the New York area, golf fans are going to need to pump up the volume

Bad Timing

If the PGA Tour is going to put players on the clock, they need a slow-play policy that doesn't change from week to week

Colliding Majors

Bad timing by golf's ruling bodies casts a shadow over the seniors two most important tournaments

I'm Not Always Angry

Despite what you may think, there are a lot of things the Angry Golfer really does like

Questioning The Obvious

20-20 hindsight makes it easy to illustrate your point ... especially when it concerns Tiger Woods

A Little FedExcessive

FedEx is all over the place sponsoring sports arenas and playoffs. They even sponsor one in golf. Did you know the PGA Tour has playoffs?

Explain This One Steve... Please

Striking about Steve William's comments is the depth of his contempt and venom for Phil Mickelson. Why Steve? What are you not telling us?