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The Los Angeles Chargers just dropped the saltiest Wild Card hype video in NFL history

January 12, 2023

All season long, and for as many as seasons as we can remember, the football world has scoffed at the Los Angeles Chargers. No one has been more snake bitten. No one has achieved more underachievement. They play in another team’s stadium in front of other teams' fans. They're the Chargers. That’s all you need to say.

But apparently the Bolts have been keeping receipts and on Wednesday they printed them all out in one of the saltiest hype videos by a Wild Card team in football history. It goes something like this.

Maui wowie, that’s a lot of bulletin board material. Are the Chargers really saying it wasn't deserved though, especially after a 38-10 home loss to the Jaguars in Week 3? The same Jaguars team, it should be said, that they play on Saturday night a week after giving up 31 points to the 2023 Denver Broncos. If we were the Chargers, we would probably have waited to see how this weekend goes before posting this. If Trevor Lawrence outplays “social-media quarterback” Justin Herbert in a win-or-go-home scenario, this video will be retweeted in Duvall for decades to come.

That said, the Chargers are in La La Land now. They could use a little of that swagger; a little of that glitz and glamor. Long have they been exactly what they are today: The NFL’s metaphorical five-seed. On the outside looking in. OK but not good. Good but not great. Is this the weekend they finally find an identity? Is this the moment they finally stand up and say “we told you so”? Probably not, but what better place for a Hollywood ending than Hollywood itself ...