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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley goes viral for his, um, unique stretching routine on Monday Night Football

December 27, 2022

If you’re one of the 12 Los Angeles Chargers fans on earth, Monday night was a great night. The Chargers dominated the Fightin’ Floundering Jeff Saturdays 20-3 in primetime, clinching a first-ever playoff trip for Justin Herbert while exorcizing the franchise’s trademark late-season demons in the process. Better still, however, was the pregame stretching routine of head coach Brandon Staley, which catapulted the mild-mannered ball coach to Steve Belichick-ian levels of viral stardom almost instantly. Check it out.

It ain’t easy being an NFL coach. You have to take care of your body, your mind, and your lower lumbar if you’re going to survive at the highest rank in American sports. Staley has all three of those covered with one simple thrust of the ol’ pelvis. Work smarter, not harder as they say.

As for the rest of the AFC, consider them on notice. If they weren’t worried about Herbert and co. in the Wild Card before, they gotta be looking over their shoulders now. In fact, the image of Staley on all fours, trainers laced tight, Josh Groban bumping in the cans, may have just altered the entire complexion of the AFC. If you’re the Chiefs, Bills, and Bengals, suddenly that number-one seed doesn’t seem optional, but essential. You want no part of this smoke. Not now, not next week, and certainly not in the playoffs.