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Bettor wins $2.8 million on Patriots-Raiders lateral, the last leg of the most miraculous NFL parlay of all time

December 19, 2022

NFL weekends don’t come crazier than the one we just saw. On Saturday, the Vikings completed the largest comeback in NFL history, storming back from a 33-0 halftime deficit to beat the Colts 39-36 in overtime. The Bills and the Chargers both drilled walk-off field goals, there was an NFL-record three comebacks of 17 points or more, and the Patriots handed the Raiders the most shocking Christmas gift since The Immaculate Reception...

Even for the most hardened weekend warrior, it was almost too much for the heart to handle. But if you thought your ticker was going to give out watching the insanity unfold, just imagine how you would have felt if you had $31,000 staked to a five-leg parlay—including the Vikings outright and Jaguars to cover—that all came down to the 2022 Las Vegas Raiders. That’s exactly what viral parlay prince Marco Piemonte faced on Sunday afternoon.

It must have taken cojones carved from pure vibranium not to cash out as the game steamed toward overtime, but Piemonte’s white-knuckled resolve was rewarded when Patriots wide receiver Jakobi Meyers turned infield on the final play of regulation and lateraled the ball straight to the Raiders’ Chandler Jones for one of the craziest walk-off scores in the history of the sport. Never again will a +9191 parlay hit, let alone in such dramatic fashion. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. It cannot be topped.

As for Piemonte, well, he collected just a bit more than $200. $2,880,263.52 to be exact. Not bad for a weekend’s work … assuming you’ve got the stomach for it, of course.

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