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The Bucket Hat Debate

Bucket hats: A debate on acceptable golf attire

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Michael Reaves

The battle between sun protection and style on the golf course is a constant one for golfers. Preventing over-exposure to the sun's harmful rays is not only about health and safety, but it can be a challenge for maintaining comfort, style and mobility. There are a variety of ways to stay safe in the sun. Proper sunscreen habits should be your top priority, followed by consistent hydration, quality eyewear and common sense in seeking shade.

Hats are a great way to shade yourself from the sun and if we're getting technical—a bucket hat will provide the most coverage. Baseball caps typically only cover the upper half of the face, while wide-brimmed hats can extend the coverage to the entire face, ears and back of your neck. Though the sun-protection qualities of bucket hats are verified, their style and appropriateness have been somewhat hotly contested.

When the question was posed to Golf Digest editors, dozens of opinions flew in ranging from "The only people who should wear them are old heads protecting themselves from the sun" to "I'm wearing a bucket hat right now." We asked a few of the editors to expand on their opinions to get to the bottom of the bucket hat dispute.

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