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Best Hydration For Golfers

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March 29, 2021

Energy drinks give you energy? Sure. For a short amount of time. Sports drinks with electrolytes prevent dehydration? Yup. No argument here. However, if you think there’s anything better than water to boost performance on the golf course, you probably also think you’ve got a chance to reach that 600-yard par 5 in two. When it comes to improving athletic performance through hydration, water should be your first, second and third choice of beverage. And if you do go with H2O, please consider our environment. Most plastic-based water bottles and their collars and caps are destroying Mother Earth. That’s why in addition to looking for drinks that give golfers a boost, we also wanted to make responsible recommendations for our planet. The winners in this category met both our requirements. In the case of Core, our winner for flat water, it comes in bisphenol A (BPA)-free plastic bottles that are 100-percent recyclable. The others are packaged in paper or metal cans.

As far as our winners’ performance benefits for golf, the one thing you might notice is a lack of sugar or artificial sweeteners in their offerings. Though we realize a soda or an Arnold Palmer might be refreshing on a hot August day, the truth is that sugar affects your central nervous system and might be the difference between making and missing key putts. And so-called sports drinks? We won’t mention any by brand, but if you’re drinking something that looks like it was photoshopped, don’t kid yourself that the electrolytes claimed to be in those products are going to supercharge your game. They won’t.