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Best Sunscreen And Lip Balm For Golf

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March 29, 2021

We’ll bypass the part where we tell you how important it is to use sunscreen and lip balms with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) when you play golf. You know that. And if you choose to ignore it, well, you might as well skip this section. Let’s get right to the basics of skin protection. In addition to wearing protective clothing, you should be applying sunscreen at least twice per round and lip balm with SPF at least four times per round. Though we recognize the ease of use of chemical-based sunscreens and their effectiveness in preventing burns and other skin damage from UV rays, Golf Digest does not endorse those products based on advice from the Environmental Working Group (ewg.org). If you see active ingredients such as oxybenzone, avobenzone, homosalate or octisalate listed on the sunscreen bottle or tube, you should know those ingredients are linked to several health issues because they are absorbed into your bloodstream. The safer choice is a mineral-based sunscreen that physically blocks the sun’s rays. The ingredients to look for are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. The following winners in this category are mineral-based. Although they might not be the most user-friendly, they’re safe and effective for golfers.