Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 3, 2018

Best Training Aids For Golf

For as long as people have been playing golf, they've been coming up with devices to make the learning process easier. Good training aids help a player immediately see and feel a good motion, and they offer feedback when you're executing the moves correctly. They bridge the gap between a description of how to do something and the physical feeling of actually doing it.

The Impact Snap is simple enough that it doesn't even require instructions, but the feedback it gives for good (and bad) swing motions—an audible clack tells you when you've released correctly—is enough to make changes in three or four swings. A host of Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers recommend it for their students.

The Orange Whip Wedge uses a super-flexible shaft and heavy head to encourage a better sequence of motion in the downswing, and it even lets you hit balls as you train.

PuttOUT Golf's trainer is a futuristic-looking plastic ramp that sits above the green. The ramp returns the ball the distance the putt would have gone past the hole, and it rewards a perfectly weighted putt by snaring the ball in a tiny depression midway up the ramp. Carpet putting will never be the same.

Orange Whip Wedge, $119

Impact Snap, $99

Courtesy of Therefore Design

PuttOUT's ramp returns the ball the distance the putt would have gone past the hole.

PuttOUT, $30


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