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Best Training Aids For Golf

March 24, 2020

Golf training aids aim to help golfers fix their swing faults or groove proper technique, and they range from simple, manual devices to technological marvels. Some of the best ones hide their technology from plain sight; others boast in-your-face tech. Either way, the good ones are easy to operate and serve a clear purpose. Ideally, golfers can use them while hitting shots. Here are our picks, and what they address:

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Feeling the correct hinging and unhinging of the wrists during the swing can be challenging. Using Impact Snap, with optional clubhead attachment for additional checks, players hear a click when the wrists set or release the club.
Hand action: Impact Snap, $99 (clubhead, $25)
Available at


As golf fitness goes mainstream, products like the Orange Whip LightSpeed grow in popularity. Golfers can use it in tandem with the original Orange Whip Trainer to build clubhead speed.
Speed training: Orange Whip LightSpeed, $79 (Trainer, $109)
Available at


Developing a reliable putting stroke is simplified with the PuttOUT Putting Mirror. Magnetic rails and a roll-through gate put a premium on stroke consistency, and the mirror enables players to check eye position.
Stroke test: PuttOUT Putting Mirror, $75

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The easy-to-use Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor works with smartphones to instantly deliver shot data during practice sessions. Readings include clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, launch angle, shot shape and carry distance.
Real-time shot data: Rapsodo MLM, $500
Available at


With the SQRDUP laser device, players can perfect their aim and alignment at address. Bright light beams make it easy to see body placement, ball position and clubface angle. The SQRDUP works indoors and outdoors.
Setup checks: SQRDUP, $200
Available at

Tourstriker planemate_001.jpg

The Tour Striker PlaneMate helps golfers feel proper body position and rotation throughout the swing. The device comes with three elastic bands (varying degrees of tension) that attach to the clubshaft.
Swing efficiency: Tour Striker PlaneMate, $163
Available at