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Best Training Aids For Golf

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March 29, 2021

It’s well-documented that the global pandemic in 2020 triggered a spike in golf participation, equipment sales and more. Did you take advantage of the extra time at home and work on your game? Some players relied solely on instructors (in-person or remote) to help fix what ails them while others leaned on training aids. There are so many effective aids out there. The products awarded Editors’ Choice for 2021, in particular, caught our eye because they deliver instant feedback while making practice rewarding and fun.

With Impact Snap, visual (yellow ball) and audible cues (click) throughout the swing make golfers instantly aware of proper wrist action. Device ($99) also offers clubhead attachment for additional $25. Coming later this year, a full club versio—9-iron loft and shaft length— will enable players to hit balls but without the audible click.

Clubhead attachment available at impactsnap.com ($25)

The appeal of Rypstick? Ease of use. It’s one “club” with eight different weight options. Just twist the fastener cap to pop 30-gram cartridges in or out of the chambers. Players can train with it at 270 grams (zero cartridges), 300, 330, or 360 grams (for 110-plus mph swingers). Screw the 60-gram counterweight into the grip cap to create four more weight settings, plus a noticeably different feel. Free training protocols are on the website.


In addition to the regulation-sized cup, the Pressure Putt Trainer has several smaller targets with less margin of error. There are three aim points along the elastomer base, a quarter-sized disc (folded down) halfway up the ramp and an eraser-sized hole at the top for longer putts. Players also can insert an alignment stick into the opening on top for an additional visual cue.

The indoor-outdoor laser enables golfers to see the ball and clubface position, aim, alignment at address and more. With a handheld remote, the player can turn ON up to four directional beams. The “Fast Charge Chip” powers up the unit in one hour (while in use) compared to six hours plugged into a USB port.


The 47-inch, 1.75-lb. club has an ultra-flexible shaft and extra-heavy head, which makes for an effective tool when building swing tempo and rhythm. It can be pared with the shorter, lighter (43-inch, 1.25-lb.) LightSpeed, with counterweight and ultra-flexible shaft, to boost clubhead speed, strength and flexibility.

Ingraining a repeatable putting stroke is possible while away from the course. With the Indoor Performance Pack, players can check eye position (mirror), work on the start line (gate) and improve aim (laser). The laser attaches to the putter shaft or tripod (included) to set up behind the ball or cup. The laser can work outdoors but loses some effectiveness in sunny conditions.

Strap on the PlaneMate to feel proper body rotation and swing path. The elastic bands, which connect to the club shaft and waist, create resistance during the backswing, go limp on the downswing (no more over-the-top move) and follow as the body rotates to a full finish. A series of short videos, the 7-Day Protocol, simplifies the process.