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Best Swing & Game Analyzers

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March 29, 2021

Do you play with an eternally infallible, infinitely knowledgeable caddie every round? Of course not. How about a yardage book GPS-coordinated to that particular day and all its weather conditions and giving you yardages from every conceivable and inconceivable location on the property? No, no you don’t. And we’re guessing you don’t have a round-by-round, comprehensively personalized statistical database that makes the PGA Tour’s ShotLink system look like that 6-year-old learning to ride his first two-wheeler that you just blew by in your M5.

The thing of it is, you would have all that if you got yourself plugged in to Arccos Caddie. Arccos Caddie uses GPS-enabled sensors that either attach unobtrusively to the butt end of your clubs or are embedded in otherwise normal-looking grips to track your round with every shot hit by every club. Paired with your phone, it provides club recommendations based on your past history, course topography and current weather conditions. It provides a suite of statistics (yes, the tour standard strokes-gained metrics are in there) so you know everything from how bad your bunker game is to how you’re hitting your 5-iron farther than your 4-iron. Even better, so does your instructor, who can access that data anytime, especially right before a lesson so you don’t have to spend the first 15 minutes going through the litany of problem areas in your game. Especially helpful is how the Arccos Caddie app lets you plug in your goal handicap and it calculates through its database of worldwide users and their statistics just where in your game (driving, approach, short game, putting) the issues are and how much you need to improve to reach your goal.

Making the whole Arccos Caddie experience even better is the addition of the matchbook-sized Link device, which allows you to get all that data without having to play with your smartphone in your pocket.

In short, Arccos Caddie provides “Big Data” analytics for the little guy. And if you believe the company, which you should given its 31 million data points, all those tiny numbers translate to huge gains in your game, including an average 5.2-stroke improvement in the average handicap. The only downside? Arccos says its users are 5.5 times more likely to make a hole in one, which means you might have to get used to buying drinks for the house.

Swing Analyzers

It's never been easier to measure what you're doing with your golf swing. You can connect a sensor to your body, like the HackMotion 2—which measures the bend in your wrist and how that bend changes through the course of the swing. Or, you can affix the sensor to the club, like the Blast Golf dongle that connects to the shaft of the putter—where it measures swing tempo and consistency and compares it to players around the world. The PerfectMotion app is an AI-powered platform that teaches golfers to groove efficient body motion by providing instant feedback and expert instruction on every swing. Users can also opt into personalized remote coaching with a top instructor to speed improvement of their games. They range in price from a cup of coffee (PerfectMotion, $5.99 a month) to a set of irons (HackMotion, $965).