Editors' Choice: Swing & Game AnalyzersApril 3, 2018

Best Golf Swing & Game Analyzers

The best swing analyzers use the power of technology to give you guidance and feedback that's comprehensive, accurate and easy to understand. The Zepp Golf 2 analyzer attaches to the back of your glove and produces a 3-D rendering of your swing, then provides instant feedback about modifications you can make to your technique to hit better shots. Blast Golf's sensor attaches to the butt of your grip to provide a host of data—from swing path and face orientation to swing rhythm. You can monitor your results on either a smart device or a web portal and see your swing trends. 18Birdies' GPS-enabled yardage book will show you your tendencies—and give you the chance to use its robust social function to share your game with your friends.


Body: Zepp Golf 2, $149

Putting: Blast Golf, $149

Social App: 18Birdies, free for the basic app; premium membership with additional features is $5 per month or $45 per year

It's time to embrace real game analysis that used to be reserved for players on the PGA Tour. Coupled with scoring, GPS capabilities and gaming options, we suggest you add Arccos 360 or Game Golf Pro to your game. Both systems require you to put small sensors into the ends of your grips. What really is setting this technology on a game-changing path is artificial-intelligence features like Arccos Caddie and the just-released Game Golf Smart Caddie. Using your historical playing data and an ever-expanding universe of other player and course statistics, your phone becomes the smartest caddie that has ever existed, giving you club selection and strategy guides for every hole. The sensors in these devices continue to get smaller and lighter, and the need for carrying a phone in your pocket isn't even required for Game Golf Pro. Meanwhile, Arccos 360 uses a high-frequency transmission instead of Bluetooth to communicate with your phone, so your battery life will be better throughout the round. These systems automatically track each shot and keep your score, and the tens of thousands course databases give you yardages from anywhere on the course. Both systems give you a score for each part of your game: driving, approach, short game and putting. These devices also give your teacher access to assess your progress and dial in your lessons.

Arccos 360 with Arccos Caddie, $300

Game Golf Pro with Smart Caddie, $300


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