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Best Fitness Equipment For Golfers

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March 29, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic might have accelerated the trend, but the shift to exercising at home instead of at a big-box gym already had momentum in recent years thanks to a plethora of great and portable fitness equipment. We’ve tracked down the stuff to buy to make your home gym better.

These products either were outstanding for use in a variety of ways or were simply the best at the one thing they were designed to do. They also met our criteria of helping golfers’ performance and preventing injuries, with emphasis placed on equipment that enhanced mobility, stability, endurance or power—or all of the above. Golf fitness is no longer on the fringe of the exercise world and these products reflect decades of research and improvements in technology. These innovations have turned many elite-level players into “golfer-athletes” and can boost your fitness, as well. Editor’s note: If you’re ready to return to a commercial gym post pandemic, we recommend one of those here, too.

Starting at $30/month