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The best women's golf shoes of 2023 (and 17 pairs that are on sale right now)

Women’s golf shoes have come a long way, offering variety in style and performance benefits for golfers of all levels

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Updated on December 07, 2023

Each year, we pick the best golf shoes for women and men based on performance, comfort, style and value. With the holiday season upon us, our editors reviewed the list again to find out which golf shoes are on sale, so you can find a great pair for yourself or take advantage of the seasonal deals and get the golfer on your list some shoes they'll love—without breaking the bank. The full Best Women's Golf Shoe list contains 49 options, which you can find below, but to save you some time (and money) we've compiled our favorite options currently on sale here.

The Best Women's Golf Shoes of 2023

Now more than ever, companies are designing golf shoes for the specific needs of female golfers of all levels—not just shrinking the men's version and making it pink. Women no longer have to choose between a golf shoe that fits their game or one that fits their look. Following the increase in demand for stylish women's golf shoes that are packed with performance technology, footwear companies are stepping up to fill the void women have been struggling with for years.

Here are the best women's golf shoes of 2023.

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