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2021 Shoe Guide

The best women's golf shoes of 2021

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April 20, 2021

With the increase in demand for women's golf shoes that are both stylish and packed with performance technology, footwear companies are stepping up to fill the shoe void women have been struggling with for years. Now, more than ever, companies are designing golf shoes for the specific needs of female golfers of all levels—not just shrinking the men's version and painting it pink. Women no longer have to choose between a golf shoe that fits their game or one that fits their look.

There's some serious innovation happening now in women's shoes, evidenced by all the entries on this list. Here are the best women's golf shoes of 2021.
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This is the lightest spiked shoe Adidas has ever made. Reinforcement at the heel adds stability.


The three lines extending from the laces aren't just the Adidas logo—they provide extra stability in the shoe, wrapping around the foot to help secure it in place.


Adidas' Boost foam is found throughout its footwear lines. It was used to construct the midsole of this shoe, helping in shock absorption and energy return as you walk.


The leather upper—with retro streetwear vibes—is waterproof. The outsole contains traction elements that help in comfort and performance on the course, and are comfortable to wear casually.


The X-shaped traction elements have been placed to give you grip where you need it most. The midsole is made of a foam that absorbs shock as you walk.


The upper of this lightweight shoe is a waterproof textile.


The textile upper is reinforced with framing to keep it lightweight, while also adding stability.


These rubber golf shoes offer plenty of color and design options. They're low to the ground, forming to your foot with the goal of making you feel like you're barefoot.


The traction elements on the outsole provide grip on-course, but won't get in your way if you choose to wear these off-course.


The kilties (the frayed leather pieces) are interchangable, so you can swap in different colors for different outfits.

The memory foam insole is topped with leather, making it both comfortable and supportive.

Stability was added to this shoe in the form of TPU, a type of plastic, that wraps around the foot to lock it into place.

The upper could pass for a street shoe. Inside the shoe, the insole is removable and washable as well as breathable.

There are over 100 traction elements on the outsole to provide ample grip. Ecco used Gore-Tex material to make the shoe waterproof and breathable.

Even with a more classic look, this model is packed with modern technology—including stability features and a lightweight construction.


FootJoy used a new foam to help absorb shock, making the shoe more comfortable and responsive.

Both the heel and the forefoot are wider in this version of the Pro/SL, to create a more stable base for you to swing from. This shoe is also available with BOA lacing.


The synthetic upper is waterproof, and on the outsole you'll find Pulsar LP cleats made by Softspikes to give you plenty of traction.

There's a layer between the upper and the inner liner that makes this shoe waterproof, despite the upper being made of mesh.

The casual upper and spikeless outsole make these an ideal option for those looking for an option that translates off the course.

A classic silhouette with some modern touches make this a versatile shoe when it comes to style. The upper is waterproof and the outsole features spike-shaped traction elements.


If you like a throwback, this shoe with its kiltie (the leather fringe) is for you. The outsole is both able to flex and provide ample support during the swing.


The waterproof leather and mesh upper has the company's temperature-regulating technology that keeps your feet warm when cold, and cools when they're hot.

Toward the arch, the midsole is firmer to provide more support. And more toward the outside of the shoe, it's softer for more cushion.

If you like to walk, this is a lightweight, breathable option to make your next trek a bit less arduous.

The upper has the best of both worlds: It's mesh, meaning it's lightweight and comfortable, but it's also supported by a frame made out of a type of plastic to give the mesh structure.

If you want something casual and athletic, this slip-on style from Puma is for you. Instead of spikes, the rubber outsole has traction elements to give you grip on-course.

No one would guess you're wearing golf shoes when you slip these on. The synthetic leather upper provides both durability and comfort.

This shoe is wider at the toe to make it more comfortable. The foam insole was designed to work with the natural motion of your foot.

This slip-on option has an Italian leather upper with classic styling. The traction elements on the outsole give you grip on-course but are unobtrusive enough to allow you to wear these off-course.

The thick-but-lightweight midsole provides a lot of comfort and protection while you're walking. The padding at the collar also adds comfort.


The upper is waterproof, a boost for anyone playing in the rain or in the morning dew. And on the outsole you'll find Softspikes cleats to give you plenty of traction.


This is the shoe Brooke Henderson wears. It's spikeless and sits lower to the ground for more stability.

The first women's product from Sqairz—the company known for designing golf shoes with a squared toe box that provides a little extra room for the toe and a ton of comfort overall.


With cool, 1970s vibes, these shoes will easily complement your golf wardrobe. The outsole is flexible, making it comfortable to walk in.

The leather and suede upper make for a lightweight and comfy fit. The outsole features a spikeless traction pattern for grip.

The midsole is both cushioned and springy, making it comfortable and high-performance. With a spikeless outsole and street-shoe look, you can wear this shoe off-course easily.

The tongue was designed to lock your foot into place for a more secure fit.

The microfiber leather upper is waterproof and breathable. The foam in the midsole forms to your foot when you wear it, so it creates more of a custom fit.