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2021 Shoe Guide

The best men's golf shoes of 2021

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April 20, 2021

Xander Schauffele, the No. 5-ranked player in the world, tests his golf shoes with the same vigor as he does his golf clubs. “If I hit a few shots with a club that I don’t like, I toss it out. Same thing with my shoes,” he says. “If I slip once or feel looseness in the heel or lateral motion, it’s done.”

If tour pros choose their shoes with such care, perhaps you should, too. The good news? With so many options, you don’t have to sacrifice style or function.

Here are the best men's golf shoes of 2021.

Adidas' tour players weighed in on the placement of spikes and traction elements to guarantee plenty of grip in the lightest cleated shoe Adidas has made.


The textile upper is not only lightweight, it's also waterproof. Adidas' Boost foam absorbs shock as you walk, increasing comfort.


The material used to make the upper is 40 percent recycled polyester, so you can feel good about purchasing a product that's environmentally friendly.


The streetwear inspiration is obvious in the upper styling of this shoe. Flip it over and on the outsole you'll find traction elements uniquely shaped to give you on-course grip.


S2G stands for 'street to golf,' referencing the versatile styling of this spikeless shoe that allows you to easily go to and from the course without having to change shoes.

The midsole is not only lightweight, but also provides ample cushioning. This shoe combines the comfort and support of a running shoe with golf-ready traction.


You'll see these spikeless shoes on the feet of long-drive competitors—the stability of the midsole reduces lateral movement during the swing.

Biion's newest line of rubber golf shoes is green—made from recylced plastic bottles that have been sourced from the ocean.


At the heel, extra support helps stability during the swing. The foam midsole is soft to provide cushion, but it's also responsive.


Similar to the Coronado v2, but this option features a spikeless outsole instead of one with cleats.


The traction elements are positioned to face different directions in order to create max grip where you need it.


You'll get grip from the removable spikes and the traction elements on the outsole of this shoe. Below the waterproof upper is a breathable liner to keep your feet from getting too hot and sweaty.

This street-style shoe is lightweight and breathable and also waterproof. The spikeless traction pattern and the style of the upper make this an easy shoe to wear to and from the course.

With its cleated outsoles and leather upper, this is the most traditional-looking shoe in Cuater's line. The lightweight midsole adds comfort, and the waterproof treatment to the upper will keep your feet from getting wet when you're out dew-sweeping or playing in the rain.

No one would know you were heading to the golf course by looking at these casual, spikeless shoes. The foam midsole provides comfort while you walk 18, and the traction elements are unobtrusive enough to wear off-course.

The insole has memory foam, providing boosted comfort, almost like a custom fit. It sits atop a cork layer to provide ample cushioning.

The leather upper is waterproof. And you can feel good knowing you're going green with this shoe: The insole and heel support are made from recycled and recyclable materials.

Gore-Tex material makes these shoes waterproof. It is also windproof and breathable, so you're protected from the elements without overheating.

The yak leather upper is sturdy but soft, so it doesn't require breaking in. It's also treated to be water repellent.

The design of this shoe is geared to have your foot sitting closer to the turf. The theory being that it allows your foot to move more naturally.

The lacing is placed along the outside of the foot to create a secure fit while relieving pressure at the top of the foot.

If you want a classic-looking golf shoe with modern technology, the Premiere Series is for you. The outsole features spikes and traction elements of varied firmness to give you grip on different types of lies. Also available with BOA lacing instead of standard lacing.


FootJoy used a new foam to cushion your foot, but also support it throughout the swing and while you're walking.

The heel was made slightly wider in this version of the ProSL to make the shoe more stable. The nearly 200 traction points improve stability during the swing, too. So much so, that this spikeless option is trusted by tour players. The carbon version has a piece of carbon at the midsole that runs the length of the shoe, again adding stability.


The insole is made of foam with two different densities. One molds to the shape of your foot, so it feels custom. The other provides consistent cushion. Also available with BOA lacing system.

There's a pad at the heel that prevents any slipping. The upper is made of leather that's been treated to be waterproof.

The first knit Disruptor, this shoe was built with a comfort-focused insole and an upper you can wear off-course.


The upper is waterproof, and if you look at the heel, you'll see extra support has been added to increase stability during your swing.


The footbed has ridges on it that massage your foot as you walk.


The leather upper styling is classic-looking while also being waterproof. The outsole features traction elements for grip, while still allowing you to easily wear these off-course.


This style is a reimagined version of the shoe Johnston & Murphy was known for back in the 1920s. The modern updates include a waterproof leather upper and traction elements on the outsole to allow you to wear them seamlessly off the course.


The only knit option in Johnston & Murphy's golf shoe line, it has technology that is cooling when your feet are hot and warms when your feet are cold.

The lightweight, foam midsole has more support toward the arch and more cushion at the outside of the foot.

The midsole is made of foam that the company says is as sound as any other material previously used, and this one is 30 percent lighter.

The Air Max combines off-course cool with cushion. The air pocket at the heel and the thick, foam midsole create max comfort.

The mesh upper helps make this shoe lightweight, and the TPU saddle wraps around the foot to add stability.

This is the shoe Rickie Fowler wears. Puma started using a new foam with this shoe, and it's impact-resistant to make the shoe more stable.

Look at the upper and you can see structure that, when the laces are tied, pulls around the foot to provide wrap-around support.

This is the lightest shoe Royal Albartross has ever made—in part achieved by the new outsole made with a lighter rubber composite.

If you're someone who needs a lot of arch support, this shoe was made for you. The new foam in the midsole doesn't compress, so it'll stay springier for longer. There's also more heel support in this model.


The midsole technology in this shoe is the same that Skechers uses in its running shoes—it provides high levels of cushion.


The squared toe on this shoe is designed to promote a more natural spread of the toes for greater balance and stability.


If you thought a mesh upper couldn't be waterproof, think again. The lightweight upper has been treated to keep water out.

In an update to the company's most popular shoe, they made the midsole more flexible and durable.

The padded heel cup adds stability. The leather upper gives the shoe a classic look and is waterproof.

The latest update to Jordan Spieth's namesake shoe has a spikeless outsole that feels like a cleated shoe, a lightweight waterproof membrane and a molded footbed for more stability.


The upper is a combination of microfiber and textile, so it's breathable. It's also been treated to be waterproof. The foam in the midsole forms to your foot for a more custom fit.

The outsole is lightweight and flexible, making it comfortable to walk and swing in. The traction pattern gives you the grip you need.


The Gore-Tex membrane has multiple functions: It's waterproof and windproof to protect your feet from the elements, but at the same time it's breathable so your feet don't overheat.