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The best rangefinders and GPS devices of 2021

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March 04, 2021

Richard Heathcote

Technology in rangefinders has advanced quite a bit over the past decade. If you haven’t upgraded recently, odds are you’re sacrificing precision without the latest tech. There are more options than ever available, so we researched the latest entries from the best companies—including ones for those on a budget. Here are some of our favorite rangefinders you should consider for this year.
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Bushnell's Tour V5 features the company's latest technology to obtain a yardage as fast as possible. The PinSeeker with Visual Jolt feature alerts you when you've locked onto your target. With redesigned optics, the company's latest design aims to give you a crystal clear image of the target. The Bushnell's Tour V5 Shift also includes slope.

Do you have a hard time zeroing in on your target? Not only does Nikon's CoolShot Pro give you an accurate reading, but it also has stabilizing technology to help negate movement as you measure your distance. This rangefinder is also waterproof for those who play a lot in the elements, and its additional features like optional slope and locked-on technology make it a great addition to any golfer's bag. Read more >>

Leupold rangefinders are known for their military-grade laser technology. The company's most popular model, the RX-1600I TBR/W, has multiple features that improve your accuracy while keeping the display and interface simple. Bow mode uses your distance and angle to generate a precise calculation and eliminate guesswork from your decision-making process.


With 6X magnification and pin-finder technology that vibrates when you've locked in your target, shooting distances has never been this easy. It's also water-resistant, so you can dial in yardages in the toughest conditions.

Another budget-friendly option for those looking for the latest technology, Shot Scope has recently released its Pro L1 rangefinder. The precision lens and target-lock technology help find the pin quickly and easily with two key features. The first sends you a short vibration when you've found your target, and the second helps you stay locked onto your target—so you can get your yardage, shaky hands and all. Want to give yourself an additional leg up? Simply switch on the adaptive slope technology with the click of a button.


Blue Tees Golf has released a rangefinder at an affordable price tag with competitive features. The company’s “Flag Lock” technology will help you lock in your target, and the water-resistant device will vibrate once the target’s locked.

This watch from Garmin doubles as a golf GPS. The Approach S60 comes pre-loaded with more than 41,000 courses and offers automatic downloads of the courses you play most often. The large touch display makes it easy to read your yardages and navigate each hole using the manual drag-and-drop feature. The sleek design looks just like a fitness-tracker would, unlike some larger golf-watch products. You can also sync the watch with your phone to receive notifications on the course and add additional apps.

Feel like you have a caddie right in your pocket with this visual and audio distance-reading GPS from GolfBuddy. Get automatic course updates via Bluetooth and choose whether you want to read or hear your yardages as you prepare to hit your next shot. Use the three targeting modes to get accurate distances to penalty areas and the front, center and back of the green with this lightweight device.


With a large, vibrant display, 10-hour battery life and automatic shot detection, this golf GPS is convenient and reliable with accurate yardages to the front, middle and back of greens. Avoid trouble out on the course with distances to penalty areas and use the performance tracking to watch your game improve. Plus, with no phone-tagging required the setup is relatively simple.


One of the leaders in stat-tracking for golf, Arccos Caddie is easy to use and comes with benefits that techy golfers will appreciate. In addition to providing GPS data in an app on your phone, Arccos Caddie provides personalized caddie advice and advanced analytics to help you pick the right club for every shot. And after your round, you can review your data to identify which areas of your game need to be addressed.


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