These 10 winter golf apparel favorites are on sale now

February 20, 2020

Right now marks the end of ski season, which you might ask, relates to golf, how? This is a great time—with sales being aplenty—to stock up on golf clothes. We've combed through our favorite end-of-season sales to find clothes that are lightweight, warm, and highly mobile. In other words, high-performance clothes that are perfect for winter golf.

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Craft Fuseknit Comfort Base Layer (Above)
Base layers are key to staying warm on cold days. Craft's base layer is ultra-thin and easy to move in, while still providing high levels of warmth. It should be the first layer you put on for a cold round.
BUY NOW: $35 (originally $58)

Patagonia Performance Bettersweater
Fleece on the inside, sweater on the outside. This piece works well as a top layer or a mid-layer.
BUY NOW: $95 (originally $159)

Columbia Lake 22 Down Vest
Nothing says mobility like no sleeves. Columbia's down vest provides a layer of warmth and wind resistance that won't get in the way of your shoulder turn.
BUY NOW: $45 (originally $99)

Smartwool PhD Approach Crew Socks
When dressing for the cold, don't forget about your feet. Smartwool's socks are made of wool, which will keep your toes warm.
BUY NOW: $28

Mammut Convey IN Jacket
Down jackets are great for warmth but can be bulky. That's not the case with this jacket from Mammut. It's thin enough to move in, while still being warm.
BUY NOW: $160 (originally $200)

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket
Golf in the cold can often mean golf in the rain. Patagonia's Torrentshell Jacket will keep you dry.
BUY NOW: $64 (originally $129)


Craft Essential Winter Tights
These tights from Craft will keep you warmer than your average pairs of leggings: They are windproof and polyester lined. Craft's tights also have a panel of stretchy material in the back of the leg to make them easy to swing in.
BUY NOW: $90 (originally $115)

Kuhl Firefly Insulated Jacket
This jacket is waterproof, and there are sections on the arms and body that are made of knit fabric, so the jacket's easy to swing in. It's also insulated for warmth.
BUY NOW: $76 (originally $190)

Kari Traa Alelam Long-Sleeve Top
This base layer is made by a Norwegian Olympic gold medalist in Freestyle Skiing, so we're definitely trusting her when it comes to warmth. This base layer provides a thin and mobile layer of warmth.
BUY NOW: $63 (originally $90)

Smartwool Bunny Slope Beanie
A wool beanie, like this one from Smartwool, will keep your head warmer than a normal hat.
BUY NOW: $32 (originally $40)