Danny Watch 2022

Bill Belichick says he’s pulling for Danny Woodhead to make the U.S. Open in most Belichick fashion imaginable

As you probably know, there’s no more electric spectacle in sports than Bill Belichick stepping to the press-conference podium. Whether dressed in his Sunday finest or ready to unpack the big game, no one brings zeal for football or zest for life to the media scrum than ol’ Billy Football. Don’t believe us? Smelling some sarcasm? Then hook yourself up to the emotional car battery that is Belichick pulling for former running Danny Woodhead to qualify for the U.S. Open during his press conference on Tuesday.

That’s what the kids call “lit.” Asked about his interest (or lack thereof) in recent Boston sports happenings, Belichick expressed his support for the Boston Celtics as they vie for their 18th world championship against the Golden State Warriors this week. He also said that he’s “keeping track of Danny” in a reference to a much more niche storyline: Danny Woodhead’s quest to qualify for the 2022 U.S. Open at The Country Club in nearby Brookline, Massachusetts.

Even Woodhead himself was surprised by the outpouring of emotion from his old coach.

Belichick’s comments came after Woodhead advanced through local qualifying at Omaha Country Club earlier this month, carding an even-par 71 to earn one of the site’s five final qualifying berths. Woodhead will make his final push for U.S. Open qualification on June 6th, and from the sounds of things, Belichick will be watching, cold beer cracked and pom poms at the ready.