New Year, New Me

Reporter asks Bill Belichick his New Year's resolution after Bills loss, lives to tell the tale

December 27, 2021

For the second straight week, the media had to deal with a post-loss version of Bill Belichick, which is to say just a slightly angrier version who is even less talkative than usual. A handful of reporters felt his wrath after the Indianapolis Colts loss, but in a shocking turn of events, Belichick apologized the following Monday, displaying a softer side rarely seen from the legend.

One reporter should expect no such apology from Billy boy after Sunday's loss to the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills, which put the Bills atop the division and in position to have a home playoff game. It'd be one thing if this particular reporter asked a bad football question and Belichick scoffed at it. It's another thing entirely when the reporter asks a completely off-topic question regarding Belichick's New Year's resolution, which was a real thing that occurred during his presser:

Naturally, this woman is getting clowned on by the internet. "Not the time or the place!" they're shouting. To that we'd say A. It takes some serious you-know-whats to ask this question to almighty Belichick off a loss, and B. when would be a good time and place for this question? New Year's is literally days away, and this woman has a story to write about it. Should she have asked this in August? This was the only time and place to ask it, she just asked the wrong guy. 

She didn't stop there, however. When wide receiver Jakobi Meyers stepped to the podium she gave it another go, and while she still didn't get an answer, Meyers appreciated the question:

Credit to her, she was given an assignment and she's attempting to follow through with it. This would have been much, much easier had the Patriots just won the game.