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Bill Belichick cannot contain his excitement for the 2019 National Football League season

September 04, 2019

One of the only, I repeat, only redeeming qualities about the fully operational Death Star that is the New England Patriots organization is the Bill Belichick press conference. While they may seem like a complete waste of time for the reporters who have to attend them and make futile attempts to get anything out of him, they're actually a content factory. Seriously, where would the internet be without "We're on to Cincinnati," or "what are ya on SnapFace there?", or, my personal favorite, that time he just kept muttering "...Seattle...Seattle.....Seattle" as a reporter pestered him with Trump questions.

So, as much as I'm excited for the actual football to take place, I'm equally fired up for more Belichick vs. the Media moments. But not NEARLY as fired up as Belichick is for the 2019 National Football League season. Watch as the Hoodie loses his freaking sh-t when asked if after all these years of winning, winning, winning and winning some more if he still gets excited for opening night (the Pats play the Steelers on Sunday Night Football). I'll warn you to keep your volume on low if you're in a work environment:

Anybody else ready to run through a brick wall? Anyone? Anyone at all?

All kidding aside, the man who does everything in his power to not give the media an inch is actually a quote machine. "I like football. I like football season and all the things that go with it." You can put that on my tombstone. That's right up there with "it feels like we're playing Kansas City," when he was asked last year if New England's regular-season matchup with the Chiefs "felt" like a bigger game. It's not quite on par with that time he was asked what the one common thread about preparing to play Peyton Manning over the years was, and responded with, "I guess, Manning." No lies detected.

If these journalists really wanted something, they'd find a way to tie in Lawrence Taylor into every question they ask Belichick. But considering he'd probably get tired of that too, you're just going to have to live with gems like this: