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Good luck not skating directly through a brick wall after hearing this impassioned Bill Belichick Bruins cheer

On Monday, the Stanley Cup Playoffs get underway, with the opening game featuring the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes. For Boston fans facing the harsh reality of Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, it's time to turn in the Celtics gear in favor of black and gold Bruins merch and watch hockey for the first time all season. 

You can count Bill Belichick among that group, though he at least has an excuse. The legendary New England Patriots head coach was fully immersed in the combine and the NFL Draft process over the last few months, so now that it's time for a breath of air he can take in a little playoff puck.

During his Monday presser, Belichick was repping the Bruins on his head and gave an impassioned plea ahead of Game 1 that might cause all of Beantown to ice skate directly through multiple brick walls. Seriously, tone down on the electricity here, Billy:


All kidding aside, it's hard not to love this from ol' Billy Pucks. G-g-go B's, indeed. It's the "i'm going to let my guard down for 0.1 seconds" smirk for me, though. As if he's saying "look, I'm normal, I like other sports too. I haven't been strictly watching Cole Strange game tape for the last 72 hours. Go B's." Impossible to hate this guy.