PGA Championship

Valhalla Golf Club

Watch Your Head

Anthony Richardson accidentally chucking one into the rafters might be the greatest throw in pro day history

We’ve seen a lot of great throws “against air” over the years. Justin Herbert, AKA Uncle Rico, throwing a football over them mountains. Josh Allen slinging it like David’s rock. Patrick offering a preview of the Mahomes magic show. Hell, even Zach Wilson looked like John Elway on his pro day. Ultimately how a quarterback throws with a clean pocket, no crowd noise and blue-chip receivers they trust doesn’t mean much, but on the off chance it does, Anthony Richardson is about to be a very, very rich man.

My lawd in heaven. We knew this kid had a big arm but this is something else. This is some Aaron Judge at The Trop sh*t. He would have literally thrown it out of the building if there hadn’t been a roof on it. Yes, it was incomplete, but it still might go down as the most pro-day throw in pro-day history.

Of course, arm strength is not the be-all, end-all. JaMarcus Russell could infamously throw a football from the 50 yard line through the uprights on his knees. Look where that got him. That’s the concern for Richardson suitors like the Texans, Colts, and Seahawks (he won’t fall much farther than that, trust us). The arm talent is off the charts. He’s bigger than Derrick Henry. The concerns are his mechanics and the inconsistency they produce, but this would-be nuke sums up the counter-argument. Someone is going to fall in love with his potential, and they’re going to pay handsomely for it. If that ends up being the Colts, there’s just one little hitch:

They might have to start leaving the roof open year round.