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Justin Herbert can throw a football over them mountains

NFL Combine - Day 3

Joe Robbins

Jamarcus Russell. Joe Flacco. Josh Allen. The verdict is still out on the anti-aircraft cannon arm in the NFL. They make for pretty tape and plenty of headlines this time year, as the Combine and Pro Days dominate headlines, but their applicability to, you know, actual football is still something of a mystery. But this year we'll yet another shot to test that theory thanks to Oregon Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert and his bazooka appendage (calm down, ladies), which flicked an NFL foosball 62 yards FLAT-FOOTED during Herbert's Pro Day on Friday.

Uncle Rico, would you do us the honors ol' buddy?

Needless to say, that is some impressive oomph from the presumptive top-10 pick and likely third QB off the board (yes, it's going to be a bonkers year for signal callers). Obviously we'd love to see him land in Denver for the yucks, but they seem to (think they) have found their guy in Drew Lock, so we'll probably end up having to settle for something at sea level. It won't be a checkdown fest, but the ball just ain't going to fly like that in September Miami humidity. Sorry not sorry, Phins phans.

For now, the NFL Draft is still scheduled for April 23-25th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Keep your fingers crossed (and washed) and the dial tuned to The Loop for more.