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Watch a punter put a lot of players to shame with this bench press clinic at the NFL Combine

February 28, 2020

When evaluating potential NFL punters, it's hard to think of a more useless measurement than how much one can bench press. But since the NFL Combine doesn't can't discriminate against kickers Michael Turk got his chance—and he put a lot of other players to shame.

The Arizona State product, who is the nephew of 17-year NFL punter Matt Turk, took his turn lifting weights on Thursday and turned in quite a performance. Check it out:

To be clear, that's 25 reps of 225(!) pounds. And again, he's a punter. Yes, having that guy screaming, "DRIVE IT UP!" is pretty helpful, but that is some impressive lifting. And to put it in perspective vs. some other big-name actual position players:

Incredible. But again, what does it matter? Shouldn't teams only care about how far he can boot it and his hang time? Steve Weatherford was absolutely jacked and he never made a Pro Bowl. In any event, if there are odds on which punter will deliver the most brutal tackle next season, a clear favorite has emerged.

And we should let this man have his moment. Usually punters only make headlines for doing dumb stuff like this, so as former punter Pat McAfee likes to say, this is a big day for brand.